The Biggest QuakeWorld Tournaments


QuakeCon is the popular event is called refers to an annual gathering of fans from the id software stable that converges to show off their skills on this platform. The event was first organized in 1996 and did not attract many fans as such. However, over the years the event has gained a lot of popularity and draws attention across America and Europe.

1996- It set a small Texas town on fire!

Perhaps of the most memorable of these tournaments was the very first one when less than 40 participants were involved. It was a low keyed event at a hotel in Garland which started by id software fans carrying their computers to the hotel and playing against each other.
The experience was nothing like the organizers expected. The interaction of players and the whole experience brought in more ideas to make the event more colorful.

The first winners in what was to become a major event included seven Americans and one Polish national. The Americans included Remedy, Bullyboy, Swansong for Quake in that order. The Polish national was the winner in the Doom 2 category followed by Americans Acejas, Indubious, and Avatar.

1999 - Mesquite Convention Center, Mesquite, Texas

This was a big year for id software that was behind the games being used to compete. The company was for the first time fully involved in the general organizational the tournament and the tasks for the different competitors.
The change of venue raised the profile of the annual tournament and attracted more participants.

Employees of id software which is behind the games including John Carmack participated much to the delight of the other players. It was also big because for the first time Quake 3 was going to be included in the tournament. The winners in that year included Canadian national George ‘DieharD’ Myshlyayev followed by Americans Tim Santaniello, Aaron Clutter among others in that order.

2002 - Mesquite Convention Center

This year saw over 3,000 participants compete in the various aspect of the tournament and saw John Carney retire as the Executive Director. ‘Return to Castle Wolfenstein’ was added to the games that one could compete in and brought back memories of the earlier versions of these games that were eventually developed to the current attractive packages.

The winner that year was Russian Alexey "LeXeR" Nesterov who walked away with $20,000 in prize money.

Other winners included:
Sean "Daler" Price - $10,000
3rd Jonathan Wendel $5,000
4th: Sergiy "Kuku" Rudy - $3,000
5th: Jared "cha0ticz" Cugno - $2,000

Of course, the prize money would encourage even more participants to take part in the next tournament. The addition of the various games also included a larger group of people to participate in the tournament. The ever-increasing numbers of participants made even more people curious; the increasing numbers increased the numbers even more! The tournaments are definitely something to look out for if you are a quake fan; the experience has been described as unforgettable.