QuakeWorld tutorials and cheats

QuakeWorld, or OW, as it is known in the gaming universe, is an enhancement to ID Software's ground-breaking multiplayer game, Quake. The goal of this game is to kill your opponents, and the new update allows users to achieve a more sophisticated and significantly improved experience whilst on the internet servers. As with any game, but perhaps more so internet based, there have been cheats rolled out over the years by users who try different endless combinations. Cheats may not give you the full satisfaction of finishing the mission, or game, but they do allow users to have more fun at a much faster rate.

Some of the top cheats found in QuakeWorld include; 'The Hacked Stoogebot', 'Richmark's Quakebot', 'HackedGlPro', 'Nightmare Difficulty' and 'Access any level.

Let me expand on these cheats.

'The Hacked Stoogebot'- This bot is perhaps the most well-known and effective bot in the game. It is a highly recommended cheat if you want to make the most out of the game and have the ultimate fun.

'Richmark's Quakebot- This bot is highly popular, however not as much as the 'Stoogebot', and is less noticeable as it has a ‘bot assist' option available. This option allows the bot to only act upon your command. The bot can also predict lag, radars and glow cheats.

To get all weapons, uncluding a fantastic rocket launcher, that is one of the most popular and most effective weapons - "give weapons". If for some reason you can't get the rocket launcher to appear, check out these exciting Rocket slots games on SlotsFree.com. You'll get most fun in any case.

'HackedGIPro'- This is arguably the best cheating platform on the market. It has multiple cheats inbuilt and is used as a tool by a clan which has been deserted.

‘Nightmare difficulty- This is a cheat found on the game itself, and now I will tell you how to activate it First, enter into the episode four entrance and take a leap into the water After you have done this, back up against the wall, as if you were attempting to walk in the opposite direction. Then, simply freefall, landing on a large chunk of wood. You will want to then walk on the left-hand side, locating another entrance leading to a gate, ultimately taking you to 'Nightmare Difficulty'.

‘Access any level’- This is any gamers dream, right? Accessing any level without actually passing any missions or campaigns sounds too good to be true. It is quite simple, really. All you have to do is open the console, pressing the key to the left of the '1' on your keyboard, then type 'map-x', 'x' being the map number you would like to choose. For example, episode 1, may 1 (The Slipgate Complex) would be '1m1', or episode 4, map 5 (Hell's Atrium) would be written as '4m5'.

There are many other cheat codes available, so if that is your style, go ahead and check them out Some of these cheats are in places you passed but have never even thought of, so try them for yourself and see your gameplay experience surge through the roof.