Game history of QuakeWorld

Quakeworld refers to a popular death match game sequel that has over the years been developed to adapt to current player demands and systems. The game has since several changes in the storyline, graphics, player features among others that have kept it in good competition with other similar entities in the market. Unlike newer games that are played through apps and specifically designed for smartphone play, Quakeworld was an epic pc game designed to be enjoyed on a home computer. While it is often unthinkable that any serious gamer would not have a decent home pc to handle the kind of power needed for MMORPG’s you see so often, gaming apps are quickly affording a newer, younger Generation Z following, who enjoys the instant gratification that is just a click away. Many times, allowing these new game apps to win real money in the process through mobile casino gaming. What once was a challenge to fight an unseen enemy has now branched off to lucky cash returns to avid and curious online gamers. The game was first created in 1996 and the main brain behind it was John Carmack, a game programmer. The team however included his close associates John Cash and Christian Antkow.

quakecon-2010-john-carmack-geek-geniusThe history of QuakeWorld is actually quite interesting because there is a history to talk about given the extreme revolution of a simple 3D game idea that has since undergone a metamorphosis to give you Quakeworld, a significant player in the gaming industry. This evolution began in 1992 when they came up with Wolfenstein 3D, which was a simple combat game with inferior graphics that was basically trying to sell the concept of the ‘first person shooter'.

There were other similar games which had not grasped the concept as well as John Carmack and his team had; the head start that they had actually led to this simple 3D game being used as a model to make improved products of this nature. The timeless: ‘Doom' and ‘Doom 2' were similar games that were released shortly after and these additions aroused the interest of players on this new concept. All these games were based on a fantasy shooting platform where the player engaged with all sort of monsters and other fantasy figures.

The first attempts to develop the features of these three games to come up with a more sophisticated and engaging product were initially futile as there did not seen to be any technology to support the kind of prototypes that were being thought of by the team at id software. The project was actually shelved for a while as suitable support systems were not yet available to make the concept operational. The development of the gaming system that would eventually be called ‘Quake' underwent several transformations as the team worked hard to develop a 3D game engine that would accommodate the functions of their new envisioned creation.

The team then merged their old concepts that were used in Wolfenstein 3D and the following two games with their new concept. This resulted in the creation of QuakeWorld in 1996, which was a more realistic version of the previous entities. There was real-looking dome gun and more defined characters that gave the player a feeling of real engagement. It also had very good impressions of height and depth. The developments also included more challenges and levels which made it a more interesting play. Quake 2 was the next step and it was meant to address the different flaws that were experienced with the earlier version. Quake three would follow in 1999 with prominence dedicated to the multiplayer feature. It is faster and more engaging and contains more graphics and features that have kept the quake sequel a force to reckon with over the decades.