Amazing sequels to QuakeWorld

quake-collectionThe Quake era brought major advances in the 3D realm. Its predecessors, Doom or Wolf 3D didn't provide true 3D experience. Players can't feel its 3D, unless they tilt down. Those 2 ½D games used simple picture tricks rather true 3D rendering. As a result, Quake pushed computer hardware to its limits. Players upgraded to Pentium processors, bidding byes to 486 processors. The first official release by id Software happened in July 1996. Since then, there have been three true sequels and three more millennial free to play versions. Did you know these amazing games are sequels to QuakeWorld?

Quake II (1997) In all honesty, Quake II deviated from the original theme of Quake's Lovecraftian fantasy. It was more of a sci-fi than gory, goth horror. Following departure of Sandy Anderson, some fresh hands working at the game can be felt. It allowed the first person player to crouch. It followed the Quake tradition to give a fast paced, enthralling gaming experience.

quake-champions bannerQuake III Arena (1999) Quake III Arena followed on the multiplayer theme of Quake II. Made available on multiple platforms, it contains mature content. Its minimalist design coupled with its extensive customization worked wonders. Advanced movements such as rocket jumping and strafe jumping appeals to the masses. The game featured in majority of electronic sports tournaments. It puts Quake I and II characters into the mix.

Quake 4 (2005) Raven Software collaborated with id Software to create this gem of a 3D game in the new millennium. Quake 4 is more of a truer sequel to Quake II. The enemies are same in both the sequels. Strogg, the alien race serves as the primary antagonists in both sequels. A few configuration tweaks from Quake II helps gaming experience in Quake 4.

Enemy Territory Quake Wars (2007) Splash Damage, who also developed Doom 3, developed this FPS video game. It is the first time, a Quake game featured on Play Station 3. Enemy Territory, Quake Wars has been, by far the most addictive Quake game of 90's generation. It features an objective oriented multiplayer game-play. It involves building a laser to break into bunkers and destroy portals.

Quake Live (2010)This free to play game was launched through a browser plugin. It is an exclusive Windows release. id Software returned as the primary developer. This FPS game offers both single-player and multiplayer mod. It is the latest released game in the series. PC gamer commented, this 10 year old shooter is still a rush. Though launched as FFP, this game is no longer free.

Quake Champions (2018)Quake Champions is the most awaited game, prior to its all out release. It is a multiplayer shooter game, that follows up on Quake III Arena. Its getting released exclusively for Windows platform. This free to play game is expected to live up to Quake's original Lovecraftian theme. It boasts most number of playable characters, with unique set of skills.