There's nothing like a gaming team that has the most coffee!

At QuakeWorld scene- we come together from every corner of the industry to mutually rock back and forth while waiting for the latest releases.... We also review games and provide advice between breakdowns. A collective forty years of experience might make us feel old first thing in the morning, but were young at heart and strong of thumb.

Get ready to meet the team!

AllInAFortnite/ Head Writer

The waste basket is the writers best friend." - Isaac Singer

I’ve yet to meet an RPG or FPS that I didn't like. Does that make me a basic gamer? If so pass the controller; three years as a content writer taught me that there's no business like journalism to breed a desire for seclusion. Fusing my writing skills and gamers heart was the best decision lye ever made. My only regret is that I had to give up midnight WoW raids in favor of setting deadlines and moderating comments.

MustHaveMystlt/ Content Editor

"My life needs editing:. - Mort Sahl

Full-time editor, part-time writer, all-time Pacman champion... well, that's the dream anyway. Catch me in the arcade with the rest of the relics; I'm not ready to let go. Incidentally, that's how I came to be here. Boring you with Tetris technique and Dance Dance Revolution trivia is actually my dream day job so don't pinch me, I'm not ready to wake up.

EvenQuickerQuake/ Contributing Writer

In the midst of Chaos, there is also opportunity:. - Sun Tzu

The two dogs, husband, and I are still chasing that QuakeWorld Championship prize, but in the meantime, I write about my failures. If you disturb my speed run you'll live to regret it, but I'm an otherwise sedate corporeal being who teaches three evenings per week. I'd say stop me if I go too fast, but that's the idea. Find me on Twitch if you want to see what lies beyond the water gate; that level gives a new meaning to "Insanity" mode.

CurseTheCode/ Web Designer

"Real programmers can write assembly code in any language:. - Larry Wall

Life after forty is better with a performance PC and a Hawaiian pizza; if you told me ten years ago I'd be keeping the kids in business while maintaining a gaming site like no other I'd have skipped my thirties plumbing phase. Once I get to grips with PUBG its over for you kids, 'till then I'll keep fixing what you break. If, at first, the code doesn't work- hit it!

Together we research, create, and curate the best online source for all things gaming and coding. Ask our experts about programming, design, gaming history, and new releases but don't feed them after midnight (or they'll become Beliebers!). Just remember to keep your mics off mute; we feed on your screams of by when the pickings get slim. Ask us about the Runescape Wars of the early 2000’s; we promise you'll be entertained. Otherwise send all e-mail questions and comments here-


Quake World Scene Players

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